Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Labor of Love

I love my research.  I feel fortunate that I found a topic that I am SO passionate about - both as an educator and a parent of two school-aged children.

I have found seven teachers who are willing to share this journey with me.  This week I asked them to reflect on: What has changed or how are you thinking differently about engaging families since our last session?  The reality is that these seven teachers are highly motivated and the feedback I am receiving represents a very engaged group of educators.  The fact that they are participating in my research demonstrates their commitment to improve their own knowledge and skills.

I already received my first reflection from one of the teachers.  Big smile.  I asked my chair last week if I should be having this much fun... he responded that he "really pushes doctoral students to find something they care about studying, otherwise it just becomes a task that needs to be completed".  

It's a labor of LOVE... and I guess on St. Valentine's Day I'll leave it at that!

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